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Инна: Команда


Inna Ezrre


  • Formal academic training (Master’s degree) in teaching ESOL Demonstrated ability to work effectively in cooperation and collaboration with a team of instructors with minimal direct guidance

  • Demonstrated ability in program administration, courses evaluation and supervision of others Demonstrated successful ability to teach adult learners, professional familiarity with principles of second language acquisition

  • Extensive communication and organizational proficiencies along with interpersonal skill Objective ESOL

Faculty Experience

2017- 2020 ESOL Teacher at Learning Center, Los Angeles, CA

- Taught a range of pre-academic ESOL courses including higher level ESOL reading and writing, grammar and communication.

- Increased students’ interest in literature and identification with characters via creative student performances related to novels

- Tutored struggling ESL students one - on - one, instilling good study habits, essay writing techniques and grammar. - Incorporated most recent technological teaching software into educational Process.

2015 - 2017 ESOL Instructor at at Montessori Magnet School, Los Angeles,CA

- Planned and conducted small/large group language classes using a wide variety of language teaching methodologies and techniques. - Worked collaboratively and in close consultation with other instructors under the guidance of Program Coordinator.

- Adapted teaching techniques and approaches to adult students learning styles and needs.

- Provided feedback and analyses of the students’ progress to Program Coordinator.

- Provided ESOL Language Instruction to Community College students. Involved students in research projects, group and individual presentations.

2001-2011 ESOL Teacher at Moscow Linguistic Center

- Adapted teaching techniques and approaches to adult students learning styles and needs.

- Taught ESL to adults and children. Language proficiency levels from beginning to advanced.

- Employed various educational strategies with incorporation of listeningcomprehension and video, audio and computer techniques to enhance the learning process.


- Master Degree in Teaching ESOL University of International Languages Baku,AZ,1997

- Bachelor in Jurisprudence The Academy of Law of the Moscow External University of the Humanities,1995


Active participant in the organizational conferences and workshop

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